Every territory produces its own unique coffee: starting from the sensation of fresh fruit of the Nicaraguan beans to the different degrees of acidity of the central-American arabica to  African coffee with its strong personality and after-taste of spices. Just to name a few!

In fact, it’s right here that the most exciting part of our work begins: the blend. A cup of coffee is cream, scent, aroma and after-taste. The aim of our production is to satisfy the clients’ requests and desires in creating the perfect cup: and from here our research begins.

This passions spurs us to achieve a result that satisfies our client in full and to do so exploit all our knowledge of coffee, its characteristics and its origins.

The project of creating the perfect blend originates from the green coffee beans and from the organoleptic properties of every component: body and aroma are a constant in every blending research.

Every day we put our products and suppliers to the challenge with a single aim in mind: excellence.