The Workshop of taste

The workshop of taste is our idea of roasting.

In our opinion, the master blender is like an artist that should know how to use his raw materials to create something that is unique………just like a painter uses colours and a musician notes, imaging the various combinations and accomplishing them.

Kandinsky, great elaborator on the theories of colour said “ I personally create many theories but I don’t think about them when I paint”.

The art of creation is based on emotions and imagination but only with a deep knowledge of what is handled can something excellent be achieved.

We want our blends to be the result of a tight collaboration between the client and the blender so that the idea of what is to be considered a good coffee arrives directly in the coffee cup.

We create  infinite combinations and recipes to satisfy every taste……

Only a good roasting can enhance the characteristic of every green coffee bean.

In coffee roasting the beans undergo temperatures of around 200-220°C and basically there two ways of achieving this: “fluid bed’’  or “rotating drum”.

We utilise the rotating drum method: the product is roasted inside a metallic drum containing small wings that continuously turn the beans over, leading to a homogeneous roasting. A gas burner directs hot air that is necessary for the process for a time-length of about 15/20 minutes depending on the type of coffee and individual tastes of the client. 

During this process the coffee grain undergoes certain transformations such as the caramelisation of the sugars and the carbonising of the cellulose, giving the bean its typical colour as well as the formation of volatile compounds that give it its typical roasted coffee aroma.

At the same time, a part of the caffeine is lost mainly due to the high temperatures employed.

The roasted bean increases in volume by about 30%, whilst its weight decreases since a large part of the water, that it is composed of, evaporates.